Environmental Risk Assessment carried out on the "target", 337 Wokingham Road, by RPS Thomson for Wokingham District Council: January 1998

Dr. med. Josef Kees Medical Report on Mr Ray Fox: 3 February 1998

Dr. med. Josef Kees Medical Report on Christopher Fox: 4 February 1999

Dr. med. Josef Kees Analysis Results on Mr Ray Fox: 5 February 1998

Associated photograph of Ray Fox taken in 1998

Test Results by Dr Robert Cass: 3 November 1997

Letter to Ray Fox from Biolab Medical Unit: 21 July 1999

Open Letter from Dr Stephen Hodges, University of Essex: 30 March 2000

Wallace Bacon Consultants Report on Structural Damage337 Wokingham Road: October 2000

Further Medical Report on Mr Ray Fox by Dr. med. Josef Kees supplied to Dr Van Steenis: 3 January 2002

Report of Dr K S Badsha MSc CChem MRSC MAE: Soil analysis and preliminary assessment report carried out for the RoyalSunAlliance insurance company: Study Completion Date: 17th May 2002

Report of Dr Chris Busby PhD on Isotopic ratio Urine sample of Mr Ray Fox formerly of 337 Wokingham Rd Earley, Reading, and its significance: 20 February 2008