Ray Fox email to MP’s 11/12 December 2008

Ground Floor Flat
15 Field Road
Reading RG1 6AP

Subject: Shell, Saudi Arabia, Arms-forOil, Corruption & Radioactive Contamination

I am aware of the convention that you do not deal with matters unless raised by your constituents. Unfortunately radioactive contamination does not recognise any such boundaries.

My family and I are victims of radioactive poisoning from the former Shell terminal/depot at Earley, Reading on which a Persimmon Homes housing development now stands (Amber Close). Deadly toxic residue from Shell’s operations, as confirmed in decontamination reports, included carcinogenic chemicals such as cyanide and arsenic. High levels of Plutonium and Uranium are of even more concern.

I lived at what has been described on Channel 4 TV as “the most polluted house in Britain” (a property adjacent to the terminal). A TV news report described Plutonium levels 40 times higher than normal background radiation at my home. A report prepared for BBC Radio 4 by a radiation scientist, Dr Chris Busby PhD revealed some of the highest levels of Plutonium and Uranium contamination ever recorded in Britain. Dr Busby indicated that the radiation has a unique fingerprint, which can only have come from a nuclear reactor or a bomb core.

Following an examination carried out at his clinic in Germany Dr. Josef Kees, a physician specialising in treating victims of chemical and radioactive poisoning, stated: “I am heavily concerned about the clinical and chemical evidences of a severe toxic poisoning of Mr. Raymond James Fox which have caused a severe health damage and endangered his life.”

Although Shell General Counsel Richard Wiseman denied Shell has ever been involved in nuclear research in the U.K. and claimed Shell has “nothing to hide”, this turned out to be a pack of lies. Declassified documents prove Shell was heavily involved in nuclear research and the nuclear industry. There is convincing evidence of a buried nuclear reactor at the site.

There is also credible evidence the terminal was used as a staging post for arms and munitions sent to Iraq and Iran, including tactical nuclear weapons, as part of embargo-busting chicanery involving the MoD and the intelligence services. Furthermore, declassified documents from the National Archive provide overwhelming proof of Shell’s key involvement at the very heart of the BAE Al-Yamaha “arms-for-oil” scandal.

The website rayfox.info contains extensive evidence, including how Wiseman tried to lure me into an “all claims” settlement for a derisory sum of several hundred pounds for destroying my family. There are links to numerous declassified documents, plus reports from the mainstream media, decontamination experts, doctors and scientists.
You can also read current extensive correspondence with Wiseman (November 2008). His denial of the buried nuclear bunker is undermined by his own revelations of how Shell execs kept him in the dark about the Shell multibillion-dollar reserves fraud, which resulted in the resignation of Shell Chairman, Sir Phillip Watts.

The UKAEA, central and local government, and Shell, all share a common interest in keeping a lid on a major scandal relating to a cluster of childhood leukemia cases in and around Reading that could result in huge claims for personal injury. This explains why my attempts for over a decade to expose the truth and seek justice for my family have been blocked in all directions.

Local MP’s Rt Hon John Redwood and Andrew Tyrie are aware of the Shell Earley contamination and have kindly done their best to assist with what appears to me to be a coordinated campaign to shut me up.

Shell has been asked to fund an investigation into the radioactive legacy of the Shell Petrochemical terminal at Earley. Its urgency is heightened by the completion of a further adjacent housing development - this time by Martin Grant Homes - Chandos Place, Wokingham Road - with properties priced at up to £359,950. Please let Mr Redwood know if you support the proposal for a Shell funded investigation of the buried nuclear bunker.

Ray Fox